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Here at Current Services LLC we get all kinds of questions from Georgetown residents about why they should upgrade their old electric panel. Is it worth the hassle? What are the benefits, really? We know it can be hard to get a good answer out of some companies. Sometimes homeowners are just too busy to look for these answers at all. But rest assured, Current Services LLC is available and ready for any questions you might have. If you decide you need an upgrade, our fully licensed, bonded and insured electricians will be on the scene immediately.

Do You Need to Replace Your Fuse Panel?

If your Georgetown home still has a fuse panel, the only answer is: YES. Now, let us tell you a little about why that is the case. Fuse panels are very limited. The electrical load they can handle is so small that it no longer makes sense to have one in a modern home. Not only that, they usually do not have space to add new circuits. Imagine renovating your home only to run into a problem like that!

Fuse panels were used long ago in homes when the only electrical devices were used were things like a radio, lamps, and perhaps a television set. Those fuse boxes were never meant to handle all the conveniences of a modern Georgetown household.

Dangers of Out-of-Date Panels

Many things could go wrong if you choose to let your electrical panel go without an upgrade. Even the smallest problem of blowing a fuse is still a major headache. When the fuse blows, you need to replace it. And the problems get worse from there. If a mismatched fused is inserted, it’ll only overpower your panel, which is never good. Like we said, if a panel is running too many electronic items, which any old fuse box probably is, it will overheat. When a fuse panel is overloaded, fires could start in the walls or attic. You might think these matters don’t concern you. But is it worth the risk? Why not save yourself headaches and lots of money now by investing in a new breaker panel?

What is a Breaker Panel?

A breaker panel, or circuit breaker panel, is the panel where all the breaker switches are located. You might be thinking, “Wait, switches? What about fuses?” That’s right. Fuses are a thing of the past now. The most obvious benefit of a new circuit breaker panel is its ability to handle way more electronic devices without overloading. Whereas old fuse boxes were 100-amp panels, modern breakers have 200-amp panels that are perfect for this day and age. Does it make sense to run your blender, laptop, home theatre system and light fixtures at the same time on a fuse box that was installed 40 years ago? I don’t think so!

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